Model and Philosophy

A visit to the Ottawa Valley Midwives clinicOntario midwives provide care under a model and philosophy which includes the understanding that every woman is different and respected as the person who makes informed choices about their care.

Midwives provide complete care from early pregnancy to six weeks after delivery for you and your baby. You will have a team of up to four midwives who are responsible for your care until you give birth. Two of these midwives will most likely be at your birth.

Midwives are able to attend births at home and in a hospital. Pregnant people in Ontario under the care of a midwife choose where to give birth. Your midwife will assess your health needs and provide information to ensure you can make a safe and informed decision about where to have your baby.

Informed Choice

When you have a midwife, you make informed choices. Midwives believe that you have the right to make choices about all areas of your care; that you should be actively involved in your own care; that you should feel comfortable talking to your midwife if you are worried, unsure, or have a question; and that you should have time to consider your options and discuss them with your midwife.

ottawa-valley-midwives_DSC_0134Your midwife understands that every pregnant person is different and will give you information you need and answer your questions. Your midwife will respect you as the main decision-maker, can make recommendations about your choices and will support your decisions.

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Continuity of Care

When you have a midwife, you receive complete care. Midwives provide care from early pregnancy to six weeks after birth to you and your baby. A midwife from the clinic is available on call by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the first six weeks of your baby’s life, you will be cared for by a small group of midwives. This means that you are likely to know the midwife who delivers your baby.

Before, during and after birth, your midwife will speak with doctors if there are complications. It may become necessary for your midwife to pass your care to a doctor. The doctor will then be responsible for your care. Your midwife may continue to provide support for you even if you need a doctor.

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Choice of Birthplace

A home deliveryYour midwife is trained in home and hospital births. As experts in normal birth, midwives provide care to women during labour and birth in either a woman’s home or in a hospital. Your midwife will answer questions about where you would like to have your baby and you can discuss where you think you might be most comfortable. At home or at a hospital, your midwife will be the person who delivers your baby, unless a complication happens. Births at home and hospitals in Ontario with a midwife can both be safe, and your midwife will make recommendations based on safety.

Whether you have a home birth or a hospital birth, you will typically have two midwives attending your birth and have access to a variety of methods for coping with labour. Midwives provide non-medical pain relief in both settings, but there are some drugs that you will only be able to access in hospital, such as an epidural.

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